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We will begin accepting people at that time. WE WILL CLOSE THE APPLICATION WHEN WE ARE FULL.

We don't mean to get personal... we would like to get to know you so we can make good suggestions.  Please read below before applying.


It's only fair if we tell you about ourselves first.  This show is being produced by Integrity Shows, the organization that runs Funky Ferndale Art Fair and other events.  The city and DDA are on board and excited about it.  We're thinking it is a edgy version of a Christmas Market.  Instead of little huts and bright lights we have a cozy setting and a more up to date feel.  We're including art, craft, DIY, cottage foods, authors...    We expect that price points under $100 may be the most successful, but what do we know.  We are all evolving, as is this event.  


Are you an artist? A person who creates art or craft that you sell? Click here.


Are you an author, selling books that you write? This clicks for you.

Do you run a unique small business / boutique or a service ? We can do that.

Cottage food, DIY?  We may have space for you.

Food trucks... Sorry, no space!  Jingle and Mingle is outside.

Sponsors, big business, home improvements......It's not you, it's us.  We're open to some sponsor money to keep everyone else rent low but our focus is on small and local.  Let's chat.


Performers?  We don't have a stage, but if you want to do something fun at the show, let us know.

Did we accidentally skip you? Oops.  talk to Mark.

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