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Rome Doggz

All beef dogs, veggie dogs, quality toppings. It's everything a hotdog cart should have.

Sweet Creations by Michele

Michelle makes vegan desserts with a southern flair for a modern twist to classic desserts.

Mity Nice

"Chestnuts roasting over a Foreman Grill..." Sorry, no open fires in the Underground- we save that for the other famous underground...."

Redfelr Hot Sauce

Redfelr sauces are produced with locally sourced peppers, fruits and spices. Each bottle is hand filled from one of our small batch fermentations. This process adds a bright, pickled undertone to the peppers - enhancing the notes and intrinsic flavors of the sauce.

Bossy B Bakery

Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, mostly refined sugar free treats. Some vegan options. We use clean, simple ingredients—no gums, very minimal starches, and they’re beautiful and delicious. We sweeten with maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar for most items.

Toi's Caribbean Bakery

Donuts without any eggs or milk and are still delicious. No one would know they were vegan and gluten free

Western Market

Soup, Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider- yep the basic food groups of all.

Heimat Bakery

Our traditional German baked goods are made with excellent ingredients and are perfect for sharing with a friend over coffee or noshing on while looking at cool crafts.

Frick'nGood Cookies

Our cookies are thick and soft almost like a scone! We make all our cookies homemade in our bakery: they contain no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup!

Saffron and Salt

I created Saffron and Salt as a tribute to my grandmother and my entire childhood being at her house working in the gardens and canning foods in the summers. It was a past time I hated as a child and considered the worst of chores. Now that she is gone and the art of preserving food has begun to die off I started this company to continue her tradition. Taking the summer harvest, turning it into something you can enjoy in the winter with the most important ingredient, love.

Licorice Lewis

Freeze dried candy, salt water taffy, and the best imported licorice in the world.

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