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Giant Legos

Take the bridge challenge. Can you make a bridge 3' long with no center support?

Mega Wire

Move the handle through 20' of live wire. Touch it and... it makes a noise. How far can you go?

Giant Battleshop

No it is not life size and no we don't use real torpedos. It is pretty darn large though.

Mini Golf

It's not all giant! We also have mini golf... with LED lights! I guess that makes them glow or something?

Stacking Buckets

Can you reach the ceiling?

Monster Toss

Actually it is more like ring around the monster. I wonder if you throw it perfectly does he start to hula hoop?

Chicken Flight School

Teach your chicken to fly and to land. Start our with our fake chickens. No animal will be hurt that way.

Ring Toss

Just like horse shoes, except plastic and round and... well similarish.

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